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Feng Shui Decorating Tip – X’mas Decoration in Feng Shui 2009

Christmas is the time for family gathering – what’s better than everyone in the family sharing joy and fun together in such wonderful holiday mood?

However, what most people have not known is the fact that there are some essential guidelines when it comes to Christmas decoration of the house, from the point of view of feng shui.

Starting from the interior of the house, the first thing we can think of is a Christmas tree. And it goes without saying that a Christmas tree is to be enhanced with loads of gifts and all sorts of odds and ends – to make it look like a Christmas tree, so to speak.

Now when we look at this well-equipped Christmas tree in terms of the “5 elements” according to the Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, it will be classified as a combination of the “wood and fire” element because by itself a tree is “wood,” and with so much enhancement making it look so glamorous, it is further turned into a “fire” as dictated by the I-Ching interpretation.

Then it is very easy to come to the conclusion that one is not to put the Christmas tree in the NW direction because the “Monthly Flying Star Table” of flying star feng shui 2009 dictates that the “#5 Star of Yellow Earth” is right over there at the North direction and if this element is stirred up or ignited by so much Wood and Fire, much disharmony will be manifested.

This also applies to other decorative stuffs in the Center and NW direction of the house, be they inside or out. For example, red and flashing lights are to be kept away from these 2 directions as they are where the monthly and yearly “#5 Stars of Yellow Earth” lie.

This is the most basic and yet secretly guarded strategy in authentic Feng Shui application. Anything that has to do with this “#5 Star of Yellow Earth” is to be maintained in a very static and low profile manner. Or disharmony of any nature will result.

Another area of concern is the fireplace. It’s easy to understand that a fireplace is of the “Fire” element, and that if it were located in the direction of the Center and NW, then it’d be better not to light it up during the holiday season in 2009.

It’s understood that it’d be too awkward to not light up the fireplace when it’s freezing cold just because some Feng Shui tips say so. To be on the safe side, locate some white earthen objects around the fireplace when it’s lit such that the “Fire” element will be generating the positive white “Earth” earthen objects, rather than the negative “#5 Star Of Yellow Earth” in that direction.

The most auspicious star happens to fall upon the SE and the West directions in December of 2009; therefore – whether it be the Christmas tree or fireplace – it’d be good to light them up if they’re along the West direction of the house.

These basic and yet important principles apply to the interior and exterior of the house. For example, if there were a big Christmas tree outside of the house in the West direction, then it’d be to your best interest to really light it up with everything imaginable to make it look absolutely glamorous. Doing so will enhance the harmonious energy of the environment.

Have fun and enjoy the Christmas holiday season with a twist using some bit of Feng Shui decoration tips!

Merry Christmas to you and all yours!