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Feng Shui Decorating Tips – Feng Shui Fountain

Much has been said about how some feng shui products are the must-have tools to enhance the ‘chi’ of the indoor and outdoor environment.

But is it correct? Is it appropriate that one has to purchase a certain tool to facilitate the free flow of ‘chi’ for the benefits of all?

If the question is presented to those who make a living by selling these tools to those who are desperately in need of help, the answer will definitely be a loud and clear ‘yes.’

But the truth of the matter is: “It all depends.”

For example, a lot of Feng Shui fountains have been sold recently to those who believe that by putting these Feng Shui fountains in a certain position, they will help bring forth prosperity.

As a professional feng shui practitioner for over 25 years, I can confirm that this belief is of much validity, and that when located correctly – that is, positioned to the right direction – these Feng Shui fountains can help facilitate the increase of income to a large extent. Sounds too amazing, doesn’t it?

But it is true that when the ‘water’ element among the ‘five elements’ in the Chinese philosophy is well positioned, it will be able to stir up more ‘water’ chi which will result in bringing forth more prosperity. That’s why all along Chinese history, water has been considered as the symbol of money.

Hence the fondness of these Feng Shui fountains all through history by the architects who might have subconsciously tuned into the attractiveness of employing them to bring forth richness.

However, not all feng shui tools are created equal. There is more hype than truth when it comes to hanging a flute onto the side of the beam on the ceiling to ward off the downward pressure of the beam itself. This invalid belief has been made up by those who only want to sell more flutes to begin with! And it doesn’t have anything to do with off-setting the so-called ‘negative influences’ from the beam itself either. Nevertheless, the flutes have been sold by the truckloads in these recent years.

The same is true of the belief that the diagonal corner from the entrance is considered the ‘money corner’ and thus it is never to be opened as a window, lest the good money ‘chi’ will run away. This is another typical abuse of creative thinking applied onto the feng shui philosophy. If this concept were valid, then all those nicely designed houses would end up leading their owners onto the road of poverty!

A little learning is dangerous – this is true in many facets of life.

Feng shui is the only system in the world that enables those who are in the know to have very deep insights about the environment as well as those who dwell in it. It is a very valid system for analyzing the well-being of the inhabitants at all levels. When used correctly, it can be a good tool to trace back what happened in the past, as well as predict what will happen in the future. It is the most amazing system that is beyond anyone’s imagination.

With the right feng shui tool, yes, and in this case, the right setup for Feng Shui fountains, one’s well being can definitely be improved to a large extent – it’s just a matter of whether or not the right thing is done at the right time in the right place!