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2014 Feng Shui Color

So you want to have a good feng shui home decorated in accordance with the advice you receive from all those books that teach you how to make good use of the 2014 feng shui color chart, eh?

Let’s hold on a minute here because you just can’t implement all that feng shui color chart information onto your home or bedroom or whatever just like that…

Why? All the information out there is missing one important ingredient which is that in order for any color to be applied in the most correct manner, one is to determine first of all the “flying stars chart” that this environment is subject to and then – and only after then – the correct positioning of various color scheme can take effect.

So, without pre-determining the “flying star chart” of the concerned environment, by simply putting the “wood” element to the East, the “fire” element to the South, the “metal” element to the West, etc…you just don’t get any effectiveness at all because things don’t work that way.

Worse yet, you might be inviting some unnecessary troubles without knowing it…

Yes, this point will make most of your feng shui books obsolete – simply because it’s plain wrong to do that.

Most of what is taught in the books is not how feng shui should be done. Yes, you can call them interior design alright. But other than that, it goes much deeper when one wants to achieve immediate effects when moving objects around in the house.

The best way to learn – and to practise – feng shui is via thorough understanding of the “stars” (numbers) as reflected in the “flying stars chart” because this is the only one way.

Stay tuned for more insights about how to get it done like how it should be…