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How Does a Feng Shui Consultation Work?

You might probably want to know “How Does A Feng Shui Consultation Work?”

One thing for sure, it’s more than interior design.

You look around and see so many books being written on this subject matter of Feng Shui and yet, when you flick them open, they’re nothing but some nicely written interior design books pretending to be telling you how to conduct a Feng Shui consultation when indeed they’re only telling you how to beautify a place.

There’s nothing wrong with beautifying a place, if you ask me. But to say that this is how Feng Shui consultation is done – with these simple beautifying techniques – is very misleading because Feng Shui consultation is never said to have been practised without the careful and expertise use of the “Lo-pan” ( Chinese Compass ).

There is such deep knowledge of how to use this “Lo-pan” together with the configuration of the “9 Stars” that it used to take a determined disciple a life time to master all these “secret” techniques and “know-how.”

Conducting Feng Shui consultation for your clients by simply telling them to “un-cluster” and / or beautify their place? Sorry, this is not even scratching the surface of Feng Shui yet!

More needs to be said and well explained…