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The 5 elements

The 5 elements

There are a lot of so-called Feng Shui Masters who go around selling people on their stuffs claiming that when they Feng Shui their home, they have to have the birth data of everyone who shares the space there because it’s so important to know how everyone will react among one another with their own “unique” birthdays.

But nothing is more far-fetched than this kind of BS indeed!

Just use your simple imagination or even naive thinking process…when a certain environment is with such good and positive energies, then everyone who spends time in there will automatically benefit from it – that’s for sure.

It doesn’t really matter what days these people were born in, because a good Feng Shui place is just a good Feng Shui per sec and there isn’t any compromise about it regardless of who is going to spend time and energy in there.

You know what…the reason why these self-proclaimed “Feng Shui Masters” must include the calculation of their clients’ Feng Shui elements based on birthday is simply because their understanding of the principles of Feng Shui is just so superficial that they can’t produce anything meaningful to begin with when they do any kind of Feng Shui consultation, and that they have to do “something” to occupy their clients’ and their own time to justify the fact that they’re charging their clients “an arm and a leg” while being unable to come up with anything positive and constructive with regard to giving advice on Feng Shui.

Therefore, when they do present to their clients the Feng Shui elements based on birthdays, they always have a leeway to blame on when their Feng Shui suggestions are not bringing forth the kind of effectiveness that they’re supposed to do.

Guess what, they’ll just blame everything on “fate.” Yes, it’s your birthdays that are bringing you all the bad luck. It’s not Feng Shui that is to blame because I’ve already saved most of your “asses.”

What a bunch of baloney, if you ask me.

Recently I’ve met a new client of mine who’s been conned by this kind of BS “Feng Shui Master” for over 15 years – just when he saw how I did the real thing to his office, he then realized what a rip-off “Feng Shui Asshole” his so-called “Feng Shui Master” has been all along.

Seeing is believing, my friend…”Let the buyer beware.”

Just because he who comes to you claiming he’s the master of all masters don’t mean “shit.” You must use your commonsense and ask yourself some most essential questions to “quantify” these people. Or else you’re the one to suffer loses in all aspects.